General information

Consultations are by appointment.

At each consultation, you must bring the following

  1. Your ID-card
  2. Two vignettes from your health insurance fund

The doctor will always try to see you at the appointed hour. However, the doctor may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, emergencies, ...

Please always arrive on time and provide for the necessary time to find a parking space. This can sometimes be difficult. If you are late, even only 5 minutes, this delay has an impact on the appointments of all the following patients who also prefer to be received at the agreed time.

On the day of your appointment keep your cell phone on hand so that the doctor can warn you in case she must leave her consultation for an emergency at the hospital. This way she can alert you (by text) so you do not make the trip in vain.


There is NO bancontact present in the private practice.

The fees are paid in cash or with an application with a QR-code.

Too late

If you show up 10 minutes or more after the agreed time, the doctor may no longer be able to receive you given the negative impact this would have on all subsequent appointments. You will then have to make a new appointment.

Notify if you are unable to come

Please notify us at least one day in advance if you cannot attend the consultation. You can do this by phone or via the website

Failure to show up for your appointment or cancellation less than 24H in advance will result in a 30.00 Euro charge for a normal consultation and 50.00 Euros for a sex therapy consultation.

Obtaining the results of your medical examination

The best way how to obtain the results of a medical examination will be determined with the doctor during the consultation.

 It is also possible that, in case the results do not show anything out of the ordinary, nothing will be done.


If you need a prescription (pill, application for an examination) please send us your request by mail. An administrative fee will be charged.


All certificates will be completed during a consultation. Please take this into account and provide for the necessary time to collect all needed documents to be able to bring them with you to your consultation.

Certificates about an operation will be completed on the day of surgery or during the consultation.

Certificates associated with pregnancy should be completed during a routine appointment for your pregnancy.

Work Disability Certificates and certificates for maternity leave can only be made using certificates provided by your health insurance fund. Sometimes it may be necessary to use special certificates from your employer. It is therefore imperative that you have these with you during the consultation.

For each certificate outside the context of a consultation an administrative fee of 5.00 Euro will be asked.

Reports for insurance

The preparation of reports for insurance companies requires a lot of time.

An administrative fee will be charged, even during a consultation. The amount of the fee will depend on the kind of report needed.

Obtaining further information

Under no circumstances can an email replace a consultation. It is therefore best to keep e-mails as short as possible and with as little medical information as possible, as this way of communication is not secure. Please keep in mind that the doctor cannot just consult your file from anywhere: a waiting period of 1 week before you receive an answer to your question can therefore not be excluded.