General information

Consultations are by appointment only.

For each consultation, please bring the following:

  • Your ID card
  • All reports of examinations (blood tests, ultrasound, mammography, ...) related to your problem: valuable time is lost if everything has to be collected during the consultation, and not everything can be found on the electronic health platform.

We will always try to see you at the scheduled time. Please allow enough time to, for example, find a parking spot or deal with delays in public transport. If you arrive late for the consultation, even by just 5 minutes, this will inevitably have consequences for the appointment of all patients who come after you and who also prefer to be seen at the scheduled time.

If the appointment cannot go ahead due to an issue on our side, you will be notified by SMS to avoid unnecessary travel.


There is NO card payment terminal available in the private practice.

Fees are paid in cash or by way of a QR code. Please note that the app sometimes does not work.

Arriving after the scheduled time

If you arrive 10 minutes or more after the scheduled time, you will likely not be seen as it would cause a delay for all subsequent appointments that day.

You will then need to make a new appointment.

Obtaining the results of a prescribed examination

During the consultation, it will be agreed upon how the results of any examinations will be communicated; if the results are not abnormal, no message will be sent.

Through "", you can view the results of the conducted examinations.

We cannot, under any circumstances, send you the results by email.


Prescriptions outside the context of a consultation (pill, examination request, ...) can be requested via email. An administrative fee will be charged.


Certificates are only filled out during the consultation. Please bring all necessary documents to your consultation.

Certificates related to a surgical procedure are filled out on the day of the operation or during the following consultation.

Certificates related to a pregnancy are filled out during a follow-up appointment for your pregnancy.

Certificates of incapacity for work and maternity leave certificates can only be issued using forms provided by your health insurance fund. Sometimes special forms provided by your employer or private insurance are required. It is therefore absolutely necessary to bring them to the consultation.

For any certificate requested outside the context of a consultation, an administrative fee will be charged.

Reports for insurance companies

The preparation of reports for insurance companies requires a lot of time.

An administrative fee will be charged, even during a consultation. The amount of the fee will depend on the kind of report needed.

Fee schedule

The fees may be changed at any time without prior notice.