Making an appointment

You can make an appointment

  1. Through the site follow the instructions in "appointment via the Internet"

    If this fails, please notify us by phone or email (mentioning your full name, first name, date of birth and mobile phone number) so that we can solve the problem.

    Phone: 02 469 00 85

    Address: moc.liamg@ocenyggoobennerrd

  2. By phone: 02 469 00 85

Canceling an appointment

If you wish to cancel an appointment you have the following options:

  1. Through the website (if you have made your appointment this way)
  2. Send an email to moc.liamg@ocenyggoobennerrd or a text to 0491 333 215 stating "cancellation", your full name and the date of the appointment you wish to cancel.
  3. Call 02 469 00 85 between 10:00 and 12:00.

Failure to show up for your appointment without warning will lead to a fee of 30.00 Euro for a normal consultation and 50.00 Euros for a sex therapy consultation.

Emails should be short and cannot be a substitute for a consultation. The doctor does not always have the time to reply immediately. Please keep this in mind.

Messages sent to the phone number 0491 333 215 will not be answered.