Making an appointment

You can make an appointment

  1. Through the site follow the instructions in "appointment via the Internet"

    Online booking is ONLY for registered patients.
    If booking fails, please notify us by phone or email (mentioning your full name, first name, date of birth and mobile phone number) so that we can solve the problem.

    Phone: 02 469 00 85

    Address: moc.liamg@ocenyggoobennerrd

  2. By phone: 02 469 00 85

Canceling an appointment

If you wish to cancel an appointment you have the following options:

  1. Through the website (if you have made your appointment this way)
  2. Send an email to moc.liamg@ocenyggoobennerrd  stating "cancellation", the site of your appointment, your full name and the date and hour of the appointment you wish to cancel.
  3. Call 02 469 00 85 between 10:00 and 12:00.

Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours in advance: later cancelations make it impossible to offer the vacant spot to another patient, which means that it is lost.

A compensation will be requested for appointments that are not kept or that were cancelled less than 24 hours in advance (deontological code art. 77, your health insurance fund will not reimburse this).


Under no circumstances can an email replace a consultation. It is therefore best to keep e-mails as short as possible and with as little medical information as possible, as this way of communication is not secure. Please keep in mind that the doctor cannot just consult your file from anywhere: a waiting period of 1 week before you receive an answer to your question can therefore not be excluded.


A SMS does not replace a consultation and is only used for administrative purposes.